• Welcome to Frank J. Law OfficeWe offer a full range of expertise, whether you need help with a specific or a complex matter. .
  • Unparalleled Legal AdviceOur history in Canada ideally positions our firm to provide the practical and strategic legal advice our clients need to ensure their success.
  • Our Approachwe are an elite law firm driven by our desire to offer clients a practical and strategic approach to solving their legal and business problem.
  • Our commitment to legal excellenceWe believe that our commitment to legal excellence allows us to provide exceptional value to clients.
Welcome To Frank J Webb Law Office
This law firm has extensive experience in handling complicated significant legal matters. The attorney handles matters nationwide and is licensed to practice in all Texas State and Federal Courts. At the Frank J Webb Law Office, you will receive immediate personal attention from an experienced and dedicated trial lawyer. This Texas attorney has 44 years of experience in the trial of significant cases. Mr. Frank J commits a great deal of time developing innovative and effective trial strategies to achieve a favorable result for his clients.

This firm accepts employment in legal matters throughout the United States. Contact the firm to request a confidential consultation about your legal problem.

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Our Core Values
We stay balanced by being ambitious but grounded, yet careful. We are ideate and also execute.
Collaboration & Partnership
We collaborate by working together, proactively sharing information, ideas and solutions.
Mission, Vision, Values
We work collaboratively with purpose to positively impact our business, and our communities.
How Honest we are
We are honest, transparent to all stakeholders and deliver what we promise.

Who we are

Frank J Webb Law Office takes pride in developing long term relationships with its select clients. A serious case requires a serious commitment on the part of the attorney to devote the time necessary to fully understand the needs of the client.

Some firms exist because of the sheer volume of cases they handle. The attorneys are often overloaded and simply cannot give the required attention to achieve the best outcome for the client. By accepting only select cases, this firm is able to provide the needed attention for its clients.

Frank J Webb Law Office has dedicated itself to its goal of effecting positive changes in clients’ lives by representing them effectively in navigating the legal process, while also redefining the client experience. Today, we remains dedicated to upholding its signature “client-first” brand. With 34+ legal professionals in six offices, our firm serves its clients in over 38 languages.

Our priority is serving our clients’ interests. From flexible meeting times and multi-lingual service to undertaking additional research, investigations, or consultation necessary to further a client’s case, we remain committed to ensuring our clients and their interests always come first.